I’m Ahlem Lamkarfed.

My purpose is to help individuals, executives and entrepreneurs who are seeking to shift their consciousness,  their lives and, or bring their business to a higher level.

And you?

Are you ready to get to know yourself at a deeper level? I mean profoundly! No more lies, no more masks, no more detours from your truth.

If you want a business aligned with your soul and the soul of your business aligned with yours.  

Then you are at the right place.

You are so much more than what you see.

You will have understood that revhealing is a quantum approach. But what does it mean?
It is inspired by 3 postulates that it borrows from quantum physics:


Matter is vibration and is composed of 99, 99999% vacuum and this vacuum is charged with 10120 times more energy
The physics of Consciousness from Philippe Guillemant
Imagine the untapped potential that surrounds us


We are all interconnected
The Quantum Doctor from Amit Goswami


Consciousness precedes everything.
The Quantum Doctor from Amit Goswami

Revhealing is here to help you dive into the subtle and enigmatic world that surrounds us without necessarily trying to understand every aspects of it because Life for me is all about Feeling.

My passion for science has always pushed me to try to find the bridge whenever possible and humbly try to understand what lies behind the phenomena that some call supernatural. From there was born my passion for the advances in quantum physics, which I will be sharing with you on talkshow. One thing is sure, there are those who live  a quantum existence and manifest what they want in their lives and the others. I choose to be a manifestor, what about you?

Who am I ?

I am an engineer with a graduate degree from the EPFL with more than 10 years in high-level management roles in different industries. But above all, I am a Being who has been awakened and invited to the subtle journey that is Life. As a matter of fact, I am amongst the 1% of people who have encountered a Near Death Experience which has completely changed the way I see life.

This awakening made me realize that a dimension of life has escaped me all those years. The dimension that makes life magical, that allows unexplained healings and miracles to become common. At that exact moment, I wanted to understand how science explores this dimension. So I learned everything I possibly could in the field of consciousness. I understood that quantum physics can lead us to a new paradigm. It also dawned on me that much remains unexplored and unexplained. Hence I embarked on an extrasensory adventures of the Being, with consciousness as a starting point, to rediscover our essence, our resources and our infinite potential.

I decided to follow my calling and share my revelations to aspire others to live a creative and fulfilling life aligned with their true purpose.



Master Degree in materials science and Engineering
Master Degree in biomedical and biotechnology
Quantum Physics basics
Grabovoï quantum teaching


Quantum Health
Human Design coach
Neuro-quantum therapist (PEACE)



What I will not promise you

Relying on positive toughts only is insufficient to ignite magical life transformation.

Abundance comes from many other aspect than only zeros on your bank account, it is above all an alignement with your purpose and synchronicities, opportunities, encounters...

Life is energy though I am not a physicist, I believe in the truth that quantum physics holds. I am able to guide you in this revelation through my talkshows in which scientists reveal the power hidden in atomic observations.

And I can promise you

A deeper path of connection, of meaning, of respect for the living in the service of the soul.

A journey where you will free yourself from what's holding you back to live the life you always wanted to live.

A transformative journey where you will discover your potential and embrace your power of creation.

My methodology

I strongly believe as an extrapolation of the Macarty Models of heart coherence that living a life aligned with your entire being is when your physical, emotional, spiritual and mental balance meet. Discovering your whole being, your quantum self, is considering the vibration and information in all of these 4 dimensions.

Anchors your life in the physical world.

Gives you message, guidance from your unconscious mind.

Most of the time mental nourishes the ego and is intern nourished by your fears. However mental is not to be banished, as it is a tremendous treasure for human beings. Being aligned or having this part vibrating on a higher level means that your mental must be in service of your soul.

Open your consciousness, it will help you discover the subtle world around you so you can feel and express your unlimited self.